Will Tantric Massages Improve your Sex Life?

1471603182_staff_537_57b6e1ee20a29_tnOftentimes people come to tantric massages hoping to get better in bed. Of course if this is because you have a problem like erectile dysfunction and want help treating it, then it’s clear why these massages would help. But what about the rest of us who don’t have issues like that? How does a massage that isn’t actual sexual intercourse help us? Well there are many ways as to how that happens but here’s a quick overview of how getting a London tantric massage from Tantric Dolls can help you better your sex life:

  • It teaches you patience. Many people think that practicing Tantra means depriving yourself of an orgasm. This couldn’t be further from the truth as orgasms are actually welcomed in all tantric practices. What Tantra does advocate is the correct time to have an orgasm and that that time doesn’t necessarily mean “when you feel like you can have one.” Having tantric massages isn’t just about that touch and go sort of feeling but more about the ultimate goal of achieving a full body orgasm which is an orgasm of the body, mind and soul. This is something that is only done through learning patience and learning when to let go of your own orgasms. Learning these techniques means that you’ll last longer in bed and be more eager to please before being pleased.
  • It teaches you that sex is a shared experience. Sex is not selfish but we make it so. Through tantric massages you will learn that truly good sex is something that is completely shared, an experience that becomes complete when you and whoever you’re having sex with can truly connect on a level much deeper than simply finding each other attractive and wanting to touch each other while naked. It makes sex personal again and teaches you that opening up might not be that bad.
  • It teaches you how to establish boundaries. Tantric massages are very much about trust due to their sensual nature. A client needs to establish clear boundaries from the beginning and learn how to verbalise them. They also learn that perhaps what they first thought was a boundary can be slowly lifted with time. This is essential when encountering a potential new partner: simply knowing that you can say no, but that you can also say “I know I said no but I trust you enough to try this and see if I actually like it.”
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