The wonders of a Brighton body to body massage

When you go to London one of the last things you would ever think about is a body to body massage. However, maybe it shouldn’t be! There are many Brighton body to body massage directories to choose from, all of which have plenty to offer you. Some naive people think the purpose of a body to body massage is quite simply an erotic gratification. Those people would be wrong. While the erotic concept of this massage is a primary feature, there are still countless other health and relaxation benefits to undertaking a body2body massage.

Body 2 Body massage

So are you the kind of person who should get a massage body to body?

Absolutely anyone could find a masseur or masseuse for this unique massage therapy and benefit greatly from it. It doesn’t matter if you are heterosexual or gay, or any other variation of gender orientation, you can always find a therapist to hire who tailors to your disposition.

However, it’s not for everyone. We would strongly recommend getting down to London and getting a massage if you fall into one of these circumstances:

  • You regularly feel stressed.
  • You experience tense muscles and your body feels restricted and tight.
  • You enjoy sexual experiences and relaxing.
  • You haven’t had a massage before or in a long time.
  • You like trying hedonistic and new experiences.

If you fall into any of these categories you would probably feel considerably better after a body to body massage. Ultimately the decision is yours to make, and you should know whether you want to try it. Of course if you are struggling to make a choice we’d recommend taking the leap, this kind of massage is truly epic if delivered by the right person.

Body on Body massage

What happens in a body2body massage?

It’s a relatively simple concept. A body2body begins with you lying down on the massage table as usual. Your masseur or masseuse will come in once you are warmed up, and begin by starting you off with a minimal warm up massage followed by a complete undressing and oiling both of you up.

Once that’s done, the real massage will begin. Both of you will lie on top of eachother and begin to rub your bodies against one another. This process usually goes on for an extended period of time, and arousal is almost impossible to avoid. While it sounds ridiculous on paper, this is truly one of the most erotic experiences a human can endure.

Some massage parlors or personal masseuses will end the procedure with a handjob, some might not.


It’s definitely not something for everyone, but a body to body massage entails many of the benefits and qualities of a normal massage. Relaxation, a release of tension, muscle recovery, all with the added bonus of a sensual erotic element involved. Have you had a b2b massage? Why don’t you leave a comment and let us know about it?

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