the VIP treatment

If you are a gentleman who spends a lot of time traveling to London on business booking regular appointments with stunning high class Honeys of London escorts will ensure you receive preferential VIP treatment every time.


Class Act


High class London escorts are sophisticated, intelligent and beautiful and make the perfect companion for a visit to a top celebrity chef restaurant, star-studded theatrical premiere or lavish business function. Exclusive Park Lane escorts are attentive, engaging and receptive to your every need. They value trust and respect your need for confidentially and privacy. You will be treated as a VIP from the moment you call to make an appointment with your perfect high class London escort. All you have to do is decide whether she is a blonde, brunette or redhead!

Special Considerations

As a regular VIP client you will know the best places in town. Your diary is always filled with invitations to major social events and business functions. You are on first name terms with influential people, and your appointment book is always filled with regular bookings with your favourite high class London escorts. As a VIP you will know exactly what you want and how to get it.

If you don’t currently enjoy this lifestyle upgrading the level of service you receive takes very little effort. Luxury may come at a price, but there are other less expensive ways of ensuring you always receive star treatment. Be genuine and sincere with people to instantly build rapport. Show respect and be attentive if you want to be seen as a considerate and exceptional person.

VIP Behaviour

As a VIP you will be accustomed to certain high levels of service wherever you go. You’ll travel First Class on your frequent business trips to London, stay at the most exclusive and majestic hotels and regularly wine and dine companions at Michelin starred restaurants. Being on the receiving end of preferential treatment is something you always expect. Being respectful of the high level of service you receive should therefore be your primary objective.


If you regularly make appointments to wine and dine the same attractive exclusive Park Lane escort take the time to get to know what she likes. A small gesture like chocolates or flowers will show her that you highly value the time you spend in her company. The more generous you are, the more appreciate of your attention and time she will be.

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