The Exclusive Carlton Club Mayfair, a great place to talk escorts

Mayfair is home to some of the world’s most exclusive private Members Clubs which have been a prominent and fascinating fixture in British history amongst the British Upper classes. The Carlton Club is quite frankly an institution which epitomises the enshrined and anachronistic establishments and traditions which still perpetuate British culture today which Exclusive Company London escorts.

The interior of the Carlton Club in London

The history of Exclusive Company London Escorts

The Carlton Club in Mayfair was founded by Conservative Party peers in 1932 after they suffered a defeat at the hands of the Reform Club in the form of the passing of the first Reform Act. The Mayfair Carlton Club was originally located in Pall Mall but due to their expanding Mayfair membership numbers and the threat to members’ safety during the Blitz, the Exclusive club moved to its current location of 69 St James’s Street Mayfair. Until 2008 this famous venue had been closed to the fairer sex females and was exclusively a male-only members club for almost a century, other than Honoree female member Margaret Thatcher who was given the privilege in 1975. Traditionally Tory leaders are automatically rewarded with life-long membership; however David Cameron, until recent years, had snubbed their invitation in an appeal to discourage this ancient and sexist policy of not allowing female’s, even beautiful Exclusive Company Mayfair escorts.

A photograph portrait of Margret Thatcher.

Margaret Thatcher

The Carlton Club maintains a strict policy in terms of applications for membership and potential candidates need a proposer, then seconders who are current members of the club and have known the hopeful applicant for over two years. Even after a successful application, entry into the club is dependent on the existing waiting list – certainly not for the faint hearted the fairer females such as Exclusive Company London Escorts in Mayfair or the impatient gents who are somewhat avaricious to join the club in Mayfair.

An old image of the Carlton Club in the past

Set over an impressive four floors, the Carlton Club offers a range of facilities, all of which are in keeping with the club’s alignment with the party.

What is available in this Exclusive Company London Escorts organisation?

It provides conference suites for meetings and two dining rooms to entertain male and females including the elegant escorts in Mayfair from Exclusive Company London Escorts agency either in the Churchill Room or the Wellington Room, magnificently classic morning rooms where patrons can relax, chat and then perhaps entertain the opposite sex in the bedrooms and suites which are to be found on the second and third floors.

An image of the Mayfair club.

The Mayfair Club

The Mayfair club has an impressive collection of political memorabilia dating back hundreds of years and the interior decoration and design resemble a bygone era which reflects the Mayfair elite with the aroma of wealth which lingers lofty in the air. The club can also offer opportunities for private functions such as conferences, meetings, lunches, receptions, and dinners with a beautiful Mayfair escort and indeed weddings. However, if your name is not on the members register this could all be a dream.


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