Tantric Massage London explained

We have seven main energy centres called Chakras that affect our experience of sex, love and spiritual connection. Tantra connects all of these chakras so we feel whole and connected within ourselves and with others. Tantric massage London is an experience of total body worship and an honouring of every single part of you, the body mind and spirit.

Relax and unwind in a sacred Tantric temple space with soft candle light and gentle music. Your divine tantrika will lead you into a world of Tantra, expanded sensations and sensual play. Experience the yin of a gentle feather soft caress, sweet tender embrace, a beauty so soft and delicious all you can do is stay present moment to moment.. slowly, sensually, the steady build up of kundalini life force, as the energy builds, and the steamy, hot, erotic, electric yang force takes over and begins to spread throughout your entire body. The more you open to receive the more mind-blowing pleasure you can feel, there are no limits, no boundaries.. total ecstatic orgasmic bliss. And then once more..softly..slowly back to yin.. as the breath slows down. Experience your senses in a whole new way as smell, taste, sound and sight become doorways to take you to a deeper ecstasy. The deep dark red of our sex centre moves up to the sweet gentle pink of our heart and from there the white space of divine bliss fills the top of our head and like a waterfall of white light cascades down through the body leaving you cleansed, refreshed and ready to receive life in a whole new way.

At London Tantric their masseuses are professionals who have a wealth of experience in the art of Tantra. Their friendly and relaxed approach means they know how to put anyone at ease, even those who may be feeling nervous or apprehensive about trying something new and unknown.

Tantric massage London promotes healthy sexuality and balances your sexual energy, increasing your confidence in the art of sensual play, creating a harmony with yin and yang, male and female, and a new dimensions in all intimate relationships. There are many benefits and when performed by one of our experienced tantrikas you will find it a deeply intimate, transformational experience.

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