Suits and London escorts

I don’t get it? Why do people who wear a suit think that they look amazing and that a suit is the only way to go? I have no idea in why this is the case, why on Earth do so many of these men think that they look so good?

I meet a guy today, for a business lunch, to discuss the forward movement of our two companies and the first question from his mouth was “why wasn’t I wearing a suit

Here we can see an image of the comparison of suits

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This morning I had on; skin tight dark blue jeans, Topman, they make such good denim, the fit is the best of all makes, no matter how much you spend – remember that there is no need to spend a fortune these days and that money can not buy style – take a look at most of the footballers, something that so many London escorts will confirm.  I had on a dark blue blazer, dark blue waistcoat both from Reiss and a dark blue double collar shirt, teamed with a pair of Gucci loafers, BANG!! All well fitting, all crisp and I looked amazing, to be fair you can really tell that I own a London escort agency, you can tell that my style is on point, I even had a Rolex on with sapphires in the bezel! And yet the dear sir that I meet was a complete miss match, an ill-fitting suit, shoes that turned up at the end – a funny type of Oxford blood that… well? I just do not know how to describe it. For some strange reason, he thought that black socks were a good idea to put on them.

Casual or Formal dress for your London escort?

There is no excuse for an outfit like that, no you do not look good, no your miss match does not all add up, it never has and it never will. Before you arrange a meeting with a man whose job it is to look good and whose company is founded upon what he has done make sure that you can dress, make sure your game is on point.

What this funny little meeting about was advertising, this young – well middle age, gentleman, he wanted Dior Escorts to appear on his site, he wanted one of the most famous of all the escort agencies in London to appear on his site. Should I put it on there, he didn’t even want to charge me, the only downside to this very ill-dressed fellas proposal is the fact – and yes I do love a bit of free advertising, is the fact that his site ranks about as well as hit clothes, I am certain that the only keyword I have seen his site appear for is Kings Cross escorts, which my site ranks even higher than his.

This brought me to bring up the webmaster for Dior Escorts, something that I really love to do just to show how strong the site is, over 7000 impressions in a day! Are there many escort sites which even come near to this?

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