Sexual benefits of tantric massage

While the general confusion between prostitution and erotic massage persists, there are some hugely significant differences. Prostitution is simply paying for sexual services and has no other benefits other than the satisfaction of the client. Massage on the other hand comes with a multitude of benefits, physical, psychological and confusingly to some; sexual. It it is important to understand that with a tantric massage you are not paying for sexual services however the knowledge and experience you can take from your erotic massage can taken into your sexual experiences.

Scottish Comedian Frankie Boyle jokes, “80% of men have a problem with premature ejaculation, I guess the other 20% of men just don’t see it as a problem.” The reality behind this joke is a lot of men have a genuine problem, and in most cases are self conscious with how long they can last in the bedroom. While there are tips and tricks to combat this throughout books and the internet, some more effective than others, there are few genuinely more effective ways of dealing with this problem than receiving regular tantric massages. A tantric massage is a process in which you build up the body’s sexual energy almost to the point of climax before bringing it down to a lower level and then repeating. Not only does this amplify the feeling when you do finally climax but it also gives you much more control of your body and staving off what seemed like an uncontrollable urge.

If this alone wasn’t enough to book yourself in for an erotic massage, then the rest will surely seal the deal. At reputable tantric massage parlors like Guilty pleasures London, all of their tantric therapists are highly skilled and experienced and their knowledge of the body and how to manipulate it is second none. This knowledge is transferrable and you can easily pick up a few pointers during the course of your massage, whether these are to use on yourself or your partner, any knowledge is greatly received in the bedroom.

Finally we move onto a problem onto a very real problem that tends to affect older men and that is erectile dysfunction and lack of sexual arousal. As men grow older generally their hormone levels tend to decline leaving them left wanting in the bedroom. A tantric massage can be hugely effective against these problems and can help stimulate the mind and body and reinvigorate the production of sex hormones and can even be used as a form of prevention to stop further embarrassing incidents happening in the future. For more information about the other benefits of London tantric massage and how to book an appointment simply visit the following website or speak to one of their tantric therapists who will be able to provide you with more information.

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