Punting, a newbies guide to the London escorting scene

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If you are one of those gentlemen who has always been interested in setting up a meet and greet with some hot London escorts booked from http://www.londonpunt.co.uk, this guide is going to cover some of the fundamental questions about London escorting while providing some on topic advice on how to get started booking escorts in the UK capital.

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Is escorting legal?

Short answer, yes. Prostitution is illegal, whereas escorting is legal. While doing a direct exchange of money for sex is still illegal, the premise of escorting revolves around paying ladies for their time only. Although the loophole explicitly states you pay your escort for time as a companion only, what happens between two consenting adults behind closed doors is legal, and even accepted in the UK.

Some parts of escorting are on the fringe of legality, and therefore must be avoided. Soliciting in a public place is still illegal, as is owning a brothel. However, visiting a brothel is not against the law, so if you are just in it for your own punting pleasure then it’s fairly unlikely you will walk into any sting operations or get into trouble with the police as someone who just hires escorts.

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Basic escorting terminology: know your stuff

Although the bounds of escort lingo extend far beyond the brief mentions below, there are too many terms to list on an introductory guide. Here is a few basic terminologies that it might be prudent to know if you are interested in delving into the folds of the London escort industry:

Punter: A punter refers to the client or customer, but can also be used to describe other things such as the escort encounter.

“Setting up a punt with my favourite escort.”


Incall: An incall is a type of escort encounter where you meet and go to her place for the experience.

“Incalls are £250 per hour, sexy.”


Outcall: An outcall is when the escort comes to meet you at your place or hotel. Typically more expensive.

“Outcalls are £300 per hour, you gorgeous hunk of man.”


GFE: GFE refers to the Girl Friend Experience, one of the primary types of escort experience available. If you book a London escort for GFE, she will treat you as if you were her girlfriend during the punt.

“I offer an exclusive GFE package better than any other escort.”


Escort agency: An escort agency refers to a company that advertises and promotes a variety of girls, getting them customers. If you find a good agency it’s often a good place to browse and book different escort women, without fear of anything going wrong.

“London escort agencies are an excellent way to locate a variety of different escorts all operating under the same ethics/morals.”


Independent escort: An independent escort is in the business freelance. Independent girls tend to be cheaper than escort agencies, but in some cases less reputable and reliable.

“I like to book independent girls because they have more attitude.”


If you want a complete list of escort terminology, here is a guide. It’s probably the best on the web.

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Getting started: Book your first escort

Alright, so you’ve made it this far into our escort starter guide, now here’s a short ordered list on how to go about booking your first escort:

  1. Search and locate your desired companion who you want to book online. Assuming you are in London, this can be done with a few easy Google searches, like “London escorts” or “Knightsbridge escorts London”. Once you have found a website you feel you can trust, pick out a couple of girls.
  2. Get in touch with the escort using the specified contact details. If an escort or agency tells you to contact them by SMS, send them a text. If they ask you to contact them through their website, do that. The best way to get blacklisted when you are punting is to ignore the information dictated on the profile or site.
  3. Be concise when making contact. A good example of an opening statement to set up a booking with an escort would be: “Hi, I found your advertisement online at London Punt, I am interested in booking some time with you for an outcall. I am in town on Tuesday and Thursday, when would be best for you?”. Be direct and don’t tell her how much you want to fuck her, that’s already heavily implied.
  4. Set up a meeting and meet your escort. Assuming you aren’t socially incompetent, you have reached this stage with little to no fuss. When setting up the meeting location try to make it somewhere mutually acceptable, like a hotel bar or Costa.
  5. Once you’ve established a meeting time and place, you’re all set! The next step is to simply go and meet your companion!
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Important things to bear in mind for London Punting

While this is just a basic guide and the information above is more than enough for you to go on, I won’t leave you hanging. Here are a few final pointers to take into consideration when planning a date with some London escorts, to ensure everything proceeds smoothly:

  • Be discreet. There’s no need for your entire family and friends to know you’re booking an escort, so take some basic precautions to disguise the whole affair if prudent to do so.
  • Tip if appropriate. It’s nice to give a tip to the girls who perform to your satisfaction during an encounter, and it might pay off for you personally if you book her again.
  • Try not to reward lies or fakes. Many websites and escorts use fake profile images or statistics or other crude tactics to get you on their doorstep. If this is the case on your appointment, it would be better for the entire escort industry if you politely leave before the encounter begins. Don’t encourage the people who try to defraud your transaction with some lies or fake girls.
  • Be polite. No brainer really, if you don’t obey the rules of etiquette you only have yourself to blame when  an angry pimp bashes in your door.
  • Be clean. Before you go to meet your escort it’s generally a rule of thumb to brush your teeth, take a shower, that sort of thing.
  • Protect yourself. Although I feel this is generally an unnecessary point to make, you should always put your personal safety first. If a meeting looks suspicious or dangerous in some fashion, it’s probably better to just walk away. Or drive, if you have a car.
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Final thoughts

I hope this basic punting guide has been of some use to somebody, there’s some useful info in here for people new to the escorting industry. Please feel free to leave us a comment if you have any questions regarding escorts in London or if you want to tell us how much we suck. Thank you!

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