Pranayama and Tantric Massage

Prana is Sanskrit for breath. With breathing being a vital life-force, pranayama is the practice of controlled breathing to help channel one’s vital energy. Used by some of our tantric masseuses, sometimes in conjunction with chanting mantras and soothing music, pranayama enhances your experience of tantric massage to achieve the ultimate physical and spiritual release.

Your beautiful tantric goddess will be trained in the techniques of tantra and will be an experienced and skilled masseuse. If pranayama is to be incorporated into your deeply relaxing and liberating tantric experience, your masseuse will explain exactly what you need to do. She will complete the exercises with you to achieve a deep, soulful connection with you, which will heighten the erotic experience that awaits.

 Some pranayama exercises involve closing a nostril with your thumb and fingers, some create a hissing sound in the back of your throat, and some involve flexing the spine forward and pushing the chest forward and pulling it back, whilst holding the breath. Whichever exercise you perform, all pranayamas are about focusing on inhaling and exhaling to achieve a deep sense of relaxation, to balance your energy, to quiet the brain and draw your awareness inward.This will leave you more open to the wonderful sensations that await you during your tantric massage!

 You will be mentally and physically prepared to lie back and let your tantric masseuse do what she does best. She will know exactly how to touch you and respond to your body’s reflexes to give you a sensationally erotic experience. Your stunning tantrica will include a body to body massage to thrill and excite you as she channels your sexual energy to an overwhelming peak! Call us now and discover how pranayama and tantric massage combined can provide you with unrivalled pleasure at Tantric Massage London.

 *Some breathing exercises are not suitable for those with high blood pressure and should only be performed under guidance from an experienced teacher.


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