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An image of Carolina one of our London escorts

Suits and London escorts

I don’t get it? Why do people who wear a suit think that they look amazing and that a suit is the only way to go? I have no idea in why this is...

Pranayama and Tantric Massage

Pranayama and Tantric Massage

Prana is Sanskrit for breath. With breathing being a vital life-force, pranayama is the practice of controlled breathing to help channel one’s vital energy. Used by some of our tantric masseuses, sometimes in conjunction...



Guysway is an upcoming website dedicated to mostly male massaging and it’s techniques so here is a quick history of Guys way and where it’s going now; A Brief History  Originally Guysway gay massage...


Different Massages offered Across London

Tantric massage may be the most commonly known form of massage for adults but there are a number of other massages that many tantric massage services do offer. Each one of these offers something...

Arabica Bar & Kitchen

Arabica Bar & Kitchen

Arabica Bar and Kitchen is a brilliant venue in London located nearby to Edgeware Road where many other fabulous restaurants sit waiting for people to come through its doors. Edgeware road sees many visitors...

Sexual benefits of tantric massage

Sexual benefits of tantric massage

While the general confusion between prostitution and erotic massage persists, there are some hugely significant differences. Prostitution is simply paying for sexual services and has no other benefits other than the satisfaction of the...

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