So when you are writing about high class Paddington female escorts what is the first thing that you think you should write about? Do you think that you should spend a couple or three hundred words talking about he history of the area? Perhaps it would be a good idea, just maybe, to talk about some restaurants that can be found there and how good their garlic bread is? If you read what Google says makes good SEO then this is the route that you would go down, apparently this is good, informative content. Well my friends you will not find any of that here because when you talk about the escorts in Paddington we give you hardcore fact, not for the faint hearted our posts get right to the point, our posts tell you how it is and what you are going to expect.
I have cam across loads and loads of Paddington escorts and I can tell you here and now that only a hand full are any good, here is a really trust worthy Paddington escorts gallery, you know that here you are going to get genuine ladies who look like their pictures, of course the images are photo shopped a little bit, all pictures these days but at least here it is not too much

Ok, so down to business, the best girls that I have fucked are;

Ernesta – a really great blonde, she lives in a beautiful apartment, apartments in Paddington cost a small fortune and it makes me wonder how these ladies can charge only £150 for 1 hour. Ernesta lives with another two escorts, Vivian and Rose Marie, who are a little better looking than her, I have had both, but I have got to say that Ernesta gives the best service. She is by no means ugly, the other two are just that good looking, Ernesta also does CIM, which to me is a must.

Sharon, a very fuckable brunette, she is really dirty and I will say the second best Paddington escort that I have seen. When she was blowing me she tried to stick her finger up my bum, something that I have never had done to me. At first it made me jump and I wondered what was going on but I have got to say that I really liked it, when I went back the second time she played with my bum using one of her vibrators, I really loved it, next time she has told me that she is going to use a strap on! I can’t wait.

If any of you would like to know any more about any escort in Paddington then please get in touch, I know a number of agencies with loads of girls in the area and they are always happy to tell me who is the best.

Welcome to a resource for Nottingham escorts. If you want to find the hottest ladies then you need to find a reputable escort agency which has ladies who who in the area and willing to provide out call servicesl One website that i hghly recommed is called divadiamondescorts.com who have not been around for a long time but there reputation has already become pretty amazing. The website is very simple like most escort agencies which is all you need.

I personally hate websites which shove loads of information at you in a hope that you will pick up the phone an call. With Diva Diamond escorts you will find a nice simple website with only the features that you would want from an escort service. Firstly you will be presented with a write up about what a nottingham escort agency is all about and what makes this website a unique place to find ladies.

There services are out calls in other areas as well as Nottingham: Derby, Leicester are gernally offerd by the ladies due to their relaitvly close proximity. In call is also offered but, as you can imagine this varies from girl to girl as some of them do not have facilites to provide this. The good thing is that all of this information is provide on the girl profile pages so you can get accurate information each and every time – for me this is very important and i am pretty confident that you will too.

I will be updating this page with more escort services in Nottingham as i see them so bookmark this page and check back soon!

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